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the town where I'm the hero

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The town where Wash is the hero.

The home of the Washathon. A Wash ficathon that's open to anything Wash; gen, het or slash. It's a prompt type ficathon in that you leave prompts, a mastlist will be posted and you can pick which one you want to do. Far more laid back than a fic exchange(and I don't have to worry about backup writers...).

The rules...the same as any comm or ficathon. Be nice, use a cut tag when you're posting fics. Rate appropriately and give clear warnings when they're needed.

The Washathon:

Signups go from May 8 - May 22
Minimum length is 800 words
Assignments will be handed out by May 25
Stories will be due August 1

The whole thing gives you lots of time and no excuses!
Minimum word length is 1000 words.
Wash obviously has to be the focus of the story.

Spread the joy of Wash!